Services Overview

Next Callings offers a variety of services.  Please select the one that best suits your needs or schedule a free consultation.

If you're not finding what you need here, let me know more about your needs and how I can help by filling out a brief survey here.


I have eliminated my Free Consultation for 2018 going forward.  Many clients suggested I do so because they found a lot of value from just that first experience and found it was worth more than the price I now charge.  I also spend more time than the consultation preparing and post-processing these consultations and so customers get much more value than a typical 1 hour consultation.

To keep my customer focused commitments, I am making the initial consultation fee deductible from project costs should we move forward.


INITIAL consultation

In this one hour, high value consultation where we discuss and find preliminary actions and solutions for the following:

  • What your unique circumstances are: retirement, exiting a business, changing careers, or something else
  • Your current challenges and fears associated with your transition
  • Your desired goals
  • Discussion on values alignment, goals, and future of possibilities
  • Fee deductible from project costs if we move forward


Next Callings provides solutions in a project based approach for the following:

  • Business Startup
  • Scaling Operations and the Business
  • Entering a new market
  • Performance Improvements to improve margins or grow revenue
  • Closing a Business
  • Strategic Analysis, Planning, and Implementation

Next callings advisory session

In this one hour session we will work on the important aspects of your plan, transition, challenges, or other general needs.

Each advisory session will explore your current challenges and you will always come away with an actionable plan with strategies to support it.

Value: $225 per hour


full next callings experience

This full package, high benefit experience will take you through the entire Next Callings framework.  This is a one-on-one, ~16 hour experience designed to get to the core of your needs, your current position in life, and what are your landscapes of possibilities for rich future Callings that can be filled with Time Well Spent.

The ultimate objective for this work is a Future Vision, Priorities, and Plan Forward designed around you, your values, and unique position in life today.  You will be provided a final Professional Portfolio of the work.

I recommend we schedule a Free Consultation prior to scheduling this experience. 


next callings lite

Next Callings Lite is a One on One 3 hour experience designed to work through the core and critical components of the full Next Callings Experience. You will come away with a refined sense of who you are today, a clear Future Vision statement, and an actionable plan forward.

Value: $575