We Believe

  • Every life is valuable, worthy, and can be made better with intentional and collaborative design
  • The path to a thriving world is through
    • Meaningful Lives
    • Fulfilling Work
    • Better Organizations
    • Supportive Communities
  • What's missing
    • An integrated approach to engineering better lives and organizations
    • A deep understanding of the hazards of transitions
    • Virtuous cycles of support between those with resources, those with capabilities, and those in need

We Want To

  • Create a world full of thriving lives, organizations, and communities
  • Engineer better lives for all people, particularly those with the most need
  • Serve others who are
    • Force Multipliers: who pay their success forward, at scale
    • Creative, hardworking, and resilient
    • Impatient to make a positive difference

We Hold These As True

  • Thriving communities are built through thriving lives
  • Pathways to better lives can be engineered through balanced transition solutions
  • The right ingredients for successful lives and communities are
    • Grit and energy
    • Principled and values based approaches
    • Engineered systems solutions
    • Targeted impact investments
    • Effective communication