What business are you in?

Life and Business Transitions Consultancy called Next Callings.  Our specialties are focused on overcoming and avoiding the hurdles associated with startup, scaling, improving, and exiting of small and medium sized businesses.  Additionally, we serve individuals, families, and small groups with their various life transition needs like career transitions, mini-retirement planning, and full retirement lifestyle design.

What problems are you addressing with Next Callings?

Next Callings provides targeted and right sized solutions for:

  • Business Startup: analysis paralysis, flexibility in uncertainty, equity distributions
  • Scaling: demand and production imbalances, cashflow starvation, right sized growth
  • Maturing: doing more with less, working ON the business rather than IN it, improving value
  • Succession: proper planning, effective management, business positioning for succession

In Life Transitions:

  • Fear associated with transitions in general
  • Uncertainty about what to do, when, how, why
  • Overcoming fear and uncertainty about what the next stage might hold

What solutions are you providing?

Next Callings works closely with our customers to design a right sized package suited to their needs and budgets.

Most commonly, we provide:

  • Strategic Planning and Tactical Implementation
  • Business Operations Design, Analysis, and Productivity Improvement
  • Agile Project Management
  • Success Planning and Management with various other professionals: CPA's, Financial Planners, Attorneys, Valuation Experts, and more
  • Lifestyle design and planning through our 16 hour Next Callings Experience

What does the Next Callings Experience entail?

In the Next Callings Experience you can expect:

The purpose of this experience is to use the Next Callings Framework to reveal and design a future of possibilities, full of time well spent, and to develop a strategy, set of priorities, and plan for the Journey Forward.

A one-on-one, interactive experience designed around the Socratic Dialogue method as well as Business Continuous Improvement workshop techniques.

I operate as a Consultant, Facilitator, Educator, and Integrator during the experience.

We will meet at a location near you, most likely in a rented meeting room space available closest to you.

Your results will include: a professional, digitized portfolio of all the Experiences exercises and models. Additionally, you will receive a personalized set of suggested resources for future practice and exploration.

What are your qualifications to do this kind of work?

You can find my whole list of qualifications and professional background at my LinkedIn Profile.

More specifically:

10 years as an Industrial and Systems Engineer for a large aerospace manufacturer in the Puget Sound, designing and transitioning complex production systems through various stages of product development, production improvement, and incident recovery.  

I have developed and led 50+ of cross disciplinary (factory workers, managers, engineers, salaried employees, senior executives) workshops conducting process design and improvement, strategic planning, and other business needs development.

I have a background in Business, Philosophy, Industrial and Systems Engineering, and Design that I bring to the composition and conduct of the Next Callings Experience and associated services.

I have had unique life experiences that have provided me significant insight into the challenging nature of life and business transitions. 

download my comprehensive resume here

What drove you to do this kind of work?

My father and mother never made it through the retirement transition before they passed away.  Each passed away under differing circumstances but their struggle and work life up to that point have inspired me to help others transition successfully.

Business, Organizations, and Individuals experience all manner of transitions.  There are common challenges associated with all of them with solutions that, when tailored correctly, apply to all of them in a holistic way.

In my corporate work experience, I've seen peoples struggle and hardship leading up to transitioning and after and I want to help make this journey a thriving and meaningful one.

Recognizing that at big companies and for people in general, there is a distinct lack of services to help people transition optimally and have a great experience in their Next Callings.  There are huge industries supporting financial and physical health but much is left to be desired for philosophical and spiritual health up to, in and after transitioning.  I want to change that.

What other services do you provide?

I provide the following services by special request (schedule a consultation from my Services page to find out more)

Competitive Intelligence: Market, Technology, Strategy Analysis

Business Strategy Design and Planning

Business Operations and Process Design and Improvement

General Business and Management Consulting

Project Management

On rare but unique occasions: Wedding Officiant, Funeral Officiant