Recommended Books

The following books are those that I've found value in in my own life.  I also recommend these to my consulting customers and I'd like to share them with you today.

You can find many other highly recommended books in my articles which will be topic specific.  Check out my Solutions Blog for more!

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How Will you measure your life?

This book is choc full of business strategies and tactics applied to your life.  Clayton Christensen is a Harvard Business professor and has written numerous books.  He wrote this book upon reflecting on his life and work when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  It is rich with meaning and practical tools to take a wider view of your life and learn ways to approach its many trials and transitions.


Money: Master the game

This book is designed for any reader, in any financial condition.  Tony Robbins is best known as a personal development guru but he has access to the most successful financial titans in our times.  This book is his compilation of working with all of them to formulate useful techniques and strategies to every person out there.  I read this after leaving my corporate career and it dramatically improved my understanding of my goals, finance in general, and the financial industry as a whole. Highly recommended!


the upside of aging

This book was recommended in a USA Today article I read. It's full of essays written by a large swath of professionals and stakeholders from government, academia, pharma, and much more.  It's the brighter and much more pragmatic side of how aging demographics can be a boon for these groups, the country, economy, and world as a whole.  It has pragmatic advice but also full of insightful medical, policy, and societal recommendations and insights.


four hour chef

This book is about rapid learning techniques taught through the lens of learning to be a chef and cooking. I believe the critical skill, for EVERYONE, in the coming decades will be how to learn, learn rapidly, learn well, and learn how each of us uniquely learns best.  This book is thick will techniques, methods, strategies, and research on how to learn fast and learn well. 


Reinventing You

This book is for those looking for methods and tactics to make major lifestyle and/or career changes in their lives.  It's packed with useful stories, tactics, and challenges to get you inspired and working on your reinvention, now!



I firmly believe a key challenge we have in our society, in general, are anxieties and fixations on an abundance of choices.  Choices = liberty but not when you are paralyzed by them.  Schwartz brings to bare psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, and much more to both describe the problem and its root causes but to also provide prescriptive methods to get out of the traps associated with overwhelming choices.  This is particularly important for people moving from the "Freedom From Work" stage to "Freedom To Work" stage and finding the options to be overwhelming and thus avoiding/delaying it altogether.


Sebastian Junger paints a striking portrait of the need to belong and contribute to a wide community.  While the examples he is drawing on are from the cases of war and catastrophe they describe deep set human needs and what we can do in society to shift course.  This is not only pertinent to returning veterans of war but also to people moving through major stages in life and exiting large communities or networks of relationships.  We need to support one another but also plan ahead understanding the effects these shifts in our relationships will have upon us.