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Next Callings is a business designed around our customers needs for integrated life and business transitions planning, improvement, management, and more.  Business Owners and Managers benefit by having clear paths through major business life-cycle stages like startup, scaling, maturing, and succession/exit.  Meanwhile, in our Life Transitions work, we help owners as well as non-owners design, plan, and manage their transitions through varying life stages like career transitions, mini-retirements, as well as the more traditional retirement lifestyle planning.

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Next Callings Vision:

  • Safeguard thriving lives, organizations, markets, and economies by successfully overcoming transition hurdles associated with major stages of life and business. 

Next Callings Mission:

  • Conduct our business with right-sized approaches
  • Maintain a clear focus on saving our customers time and money in their transitions.
  • Reveal and create our customers future of possibilities through inspiring experiences
  • Conduct our work with integrity, energy, and understanding.
  • Cultivate a stronger, more meaningfully connected community through our work.

David Prestin, Founder and Principle Consultant, sees himself as a blend of: Business Transitions Consultant, Organization Builder, and Philosopher Engineer.  Find out more about him at his  LinkedIn profile.

Synopsis of David's background:

  • B.A. in Philosophy and B.S. in Industrial Engineering from University of Washington
  • M.S.E from Purdue University with a focus in Engineering Management and Leadership and a Certificate of Global Management from Thunderbird School of Global Management.
  • 3.5 years in the Emerging Leaders Development Program in Boeing.
  • 10+ years as a Senior Industrial Engineering and 1 Year as a Strategy, Market, and Technology Analyst at the Boeing Company.
  • Currently sits on the University of Washington Philosophy Department Advisory Board
  • Has lead over 30 continuous improvement, strategic planning, and technology implementation workshops at the Boeing Company.
  • Developed and deployed several technical training programs at the Boeing Company.
  • Team Lead of 5 Industrial Engineers for 4 years and a Program Operations Manager for the Maritime Surveillance Aircraft Program in Boeing.
  • Currently conducts service and volunteer work for Rotary International Club of Sumner as well as the Sumner-Bonney Lake School District.
  • Poyeho Project (www.poyeho.com) Board Member - a non-profit specializing in local business development in Africa - Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and South Africa.  Focusing on small holder farms - produce, chickens, beef, and goats.

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Also, please visit his Professional Portfolio Website at: www.davidprestin.com.

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